Top G Exclusive is an Experiment.

Exclusive hard to obtain Merchandise.

That’s the goal, put out a product that is HARD to collect.

And over the next few years of limited edition launches, we will see WHO OWNS WHAT.

To assure this is easy to track, every purchased Merchandise item comes with a free NFT mint.

We are creating a community that is identifiable on the internet via the Ethereum Blockchain and identifiable in the real world via the physical merchandise.

What we decide to do with that community?

You’ll find out in the years to come.

Good Luck in your attempt to join.

There is a limited amount of each design.

We will see if anyone of you reading this, can collect them all.

This is the only OFFICIAL Tate Merchandise on the internet, we do not support any cryptocurrency or NFT project.

Join the Experiment below:

For our Terms and Conditions of ownership, read here.