The TopG Exclusive Official Collection.

  • Talisman


    Your odds of winning just doubled.

  • Fire Blood


    The one ultimate supplement to ignite your life.

  • Cobra‚Äôs Shield


    Don your armour. Repel weakness. Win.

  • Together We Fight


    You cannot do this alone. If you are to win this war, you need your brothers by your side.

  • Suit of Armour


    Stand tall. Don your tracksuit. Stay ready.



    Active resistance is the only way to win the war.

  • I asked for Two.


    My dear. If you were attacked, or men broke into this house. I would DIE to defend you. And, All I ask for is two coffees each morning. Does it matter if I drink them?

  • The Flag of Wudan


    Strength. Discipline. Honor. The Spirit of Wudan.

  • Resist 2


    Daily battles take ground. Active resistance is the only way to win the war.

  • Atop Wudan


    When the cobra strikes!

  • Wudan Fists


    You must train to become capable in all realms, including the physical. These 16oz gloves are your ally as you prepare for battle.

  • From The Hood


    From a council estate to the top of the world. You can take the boy out of Luton but you can’t take the Luton out of the boy.

  • Money Making is a Skill


    You are a skilled member of the greatest and largest wealth creation school in history. Your elite members only tee has arrived.

  • The Prepared Mind


    In 2024, time is not on your side. You must prepare your mind accordingly. Winning is deliberate. A limited edition tee.

  • Ember’s Escape


    The stakes are high. There is business to be done. A smoke, the reward. Make sure you’ve earned it.

  • No Brokies


    A brokie is a condition of the mind, not the wallet.

  • Badge Of Resistance


    Your office is missing its feature piece G. The symbol of resistance.

  • Don’t lose your keys


    A professional knows where everything is at all times. Make it easy for yourself.

  • Top Tee


    A greater tee never existed. You just became stronger and more handsome. It’s science.

  • Never Broke Again


    This garment designed for free minds only.

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