The TopG Exclusive Official Collection.

  • Fire Blood


    The one ultimate supplement to ignite your life.

  • Cobra‚Äôs Shield


    Don your armour. Repel weakness. Win.

  • Together We Fight


    You cannot do this alone. If you are to win this war, you need your brothers by your side.

  • Suit of Armour


    Stand tall. Don your tracksuit. Stay ready.

  • Badge Of Resistance


    Your office is missing its feature piece G. The symbol of resistance.

  • Wudan Fists


    You must train to become capable in all realms, including the physical. These 16oz gloves are your ally as you prepare for battle.



    Active resistance is the only way to win the war.

  • Ember’s Escape


    The stakes are high. There is business to be done. A smoke, the reward. Make sure you’ve earned it.

  • I asked for Two.


    My dear. If you were attacked, or men broke into this house. I would DIE to defend you. And, All I ask for is two coffees each morning. Does it matter if I drink them?

  • No Brokies


    A brokie is a condition of the mind, not the wallet.

  • Don’t lose your keys


    A professional knows where everything is at all times. Make it easy for yourself.

  • The Flag of Wudan


    Strength. Discipline. Honor. The Spirit of Wudan.

  • From The Hood


    From a council estate to the top of the world. You can take the boy out of Luton but you can’t take the Luton out of the boy.

  • Resist 2


    Daily battles take ground. Active resistance is the only way to win the war.

  • Atop Wudan


    When the cobra strikes!

  • The Prepared Mind


    In 2024, time is not on your side. You must prepare your mind accordingly. Winning is deliberate. A limited edition tee.

  • Money Making is a Skill


    You are a skilled member of the greatest and largest wealth creation school in history. Your elite members only tee has arrived.

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